Our Farms


The composting and pasteurization processes take place in a fully enclosed wharf area. The covered wharf provides several benefits which can be seen in the final product. There are currently 64 growing rooms (40 white rooms & 24 brown rooms) operating at maximum capacity. Advanced technology allows the grow-room climate to be monitored 24/7 and ensures product quality and safety. After being picked, mushrooms are taken to the 21,000 square foot cold storage facility where they are processed and typically ship out the same day.

Mission & Vision

Mission: Create value for customers, employees and the community through the consistent production of top quality mushrooms in a culture that fosters respect, employee development and creativity.

Vision: To be the premier supplier of mushrooms in every region in which we operate while strengthening relationships, continuously improving operations and minimizing our environmental footprint.


Premier Mushrooms is one of the first Mushroom Farms in the country with advanced growing technologies. Each of the 64 grow-rooms is equipped with advanced climate-controlled technology which auto-regulates temperature, humidity and C02. After each grow-cycle steam is utilized to sterilize the rooms in order to ensure maximum quality and safety while minimizing the use of chemicals. Grow beds are also made of aluminum in place of wood in order to inhibit bacterial growth. A streamlined design results in simplified picking, loading and unloading. Barcodes on every flat enhance traceability and each box of mushrooms can be traced to the picker, room, and vendor. As a result, Premier Mushrooms continues to produce some of the highest and most consistent yields in the industry.


Premier Mushrooms has been an active member of the community for several years and strives to continuously cultivate those relationships. A few noteworthy community activities include:

  • High School summer hire program
  • Colusa River Clean-up
  • Special event demonstrations
  • Proud sponsor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Colusa High School Football Stadium snack shack donation
  • Friends of the Colusa County Free Library
  • Donation of Mushrooms to farmers market
  • Concert in the park
  • County cooking stage at fair